What artwork file types do you accept?

Camera ready artwork is required. Preferred artwork file format would be an Illustrator vector .eps file with all text and graphics converted to outlines. This file format is created in the highest resolution to give you the best, sharpest imprint possible.

All multi-color artwork should be color separated by layer. If an exact PMS match is needed, Please include the PMS # in the file.

Camera ready art IS NOT faxed copies, letterhead, business cards, photocopies, hand sketches, imprinted merchandise, or any other artwork which needs to be touched up, color separated, or made one color. NO GIF, JPG , CGM , BMP, WMF, PUB, DOC, WEB IMAGES OR PICT FILES. These files are extremely low resolution and do not make a good imprint. However, the graphic artist that created the above items for you would probably have the original artwork on file that WOULD be camera ready, so don't despair!!

If you do not have access to camera ready art; Please let us know. Our art department can typeset simple text for you  free of charge. And, if you are needing actual graphic or logo recreation into vector .eps format- Our skilled graphic artist can redraw it for you for a nominal charge. All artwork recreation is quoted depending on complexity on the artwork, and how quickly you need the art completed for your job. 

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